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As part of the Erasmus+ project "INTENT 4.0" of the EU Office Cologne, a further training (Summer School) for teachers and employees of various school-related institutions took place from September 27 to October 1 of this year. The international presenters from Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Czech Republic and Germany linked production with commercial processes. The topics on the commercial side included the integration of production into a supply chain, logistics and marketing. Finally, the visitors of the training derived multidisciplinary learning situations for their own schools.

A small quadcopter "Tiny Whoop" served as the central learning vehicle. Equipped with a camera, one can put oneself in the view of the copter via VR goggles and use it to fly thCopter   Text Englischrough the air like a bird. Above all, the customizable frame of the quadcopter is the focus of the project. By using the 3D printing process, "batch size 1" production can be realized.

The project ends in spring 2022, and further national events are planned for February in the participating countries. There, the results of the project will be made available to a wider audience. Likewise, the information will be made available on a specially created homepage in the spring. We will keep you up to date.

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